Tree bog build

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Tree bog build

Post by Wenderlynn on Sat Feb 21, 2015 6:13 pm

We are having a visit from some students from a Netherlands university on April 18th. They are visiting several established Permaculture sites around the South West as part of a tour they are doing in England, bridging theory from the university with theory and practice from people who have already applied their knowledge in Permaculture in sustainable agriculture and food systems.

There will be about 25 of them. This is the most people we will have had so far in one go at Wishtree. We've told them how basic our facilities are and that we are an emergent agroforestry project. They are still keen to come and visit though as they would also like to see a site that is developing.

One of our aims towards being a LAND centre is to build a tree bog. This is something we have been designing and was planning to get in by Jan 2016. Although we have explained that we have basic facilities and could probably cope without doing it,  we've decided that if we can get the help to get it done, we'll have a go at building the tree bog before they arrive.

This is a big ask and a crazy idea perhaps but if we get enough people together and can get the resources (reclaimed if possible) we'd like help building a tree bog please. Smile There is a catch, we won't be able to do it till Easter so will only have time to do it about 2 or 3 days before they come. I know it's possible if we have a community spirit. We can discuss details with anyone who wants to help.

On the day:

At the moment we're not planning to give them lunch but will provide tea and coffee etc, if we could have help with this on the day that would be great! There are a few other things too such as water and accommodation for 1 night. We're looking into the accommodation for them as we don't think we can support 25 people with tents just yet, not whilst there is lots of rush everywhere anyway, plus the ground maybe too wet on our land for camping then and we don't have a supply of water (yet) that could cater for washing etc. If you know anywhere that can host students on a cheap budget please let us know. I've looked into a couple of places but they are booked then.

This all seems crazy and we have no idea how this will go but it'll work out somehow. Laughing



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