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Post by Wenderlynn on Wed Feb 11, 2015 11:24 am

Part of the underpinning of the network is using Looby Mcnamara design web. This was created with people in mind. It's a very simple format for using in a project you have going on or helping you to over come obstacles in your life.

(There is more about this in the Permaculture forum, Design Web.)

There are 12 anchor points. One of these is Appreciation. Saying thank you, being glad it's a sunny day or being thankful for your partner, family or friends are all ways of showing appreciation. It's the little things that count.

So I'm giving this a start by acknowledging the little bits and large pieces that have helped me and Iain initiate and formulate the network.

Firstly a big thank you to those who have joined - without you we wouldn't have a network! Thank you to Mark Elliott for his wording relating to a Vision for the group (Oct minutes). These have been used for the header of the network forum page..."we aim to develop a vibrant network......"

Matt Lepley for his wording too on the main website... "we are the forefront of sustainability in North Devon!”

To those of you who have hosted the meetings so far, giving momentum to the group by facilitating a space where we can come together which then brings me to the wonderful food everyone so kindly prepares and brings!

Thank to Iain who facilitates with me, thank you for your support and continued feedback and...... thank you for everyone's appreciation for what we have done to get this off the ground.  We've done it together Very Happy

(links for the above will be added once an issue is sorted out with new members posting links)


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